Natural Supplements

We know that we should get as many of our vitamins and minerals as possible from the whole foods we eat, however, supplementing is sometimes necessary for good health and filling deficiency gaps.

Non synthetic dietary supplements provide nutrients in their most natural form, which means they are the most biologically active and beneficial they can be. As an environmental bonus, the whole food sources from which they are derived are grown using pesticide-free farming methods that reduce pollution and conserve water and soil and produce the purest ingredients for manufacturing.

The reason non synthetic supplements are more biologically active than synthetically produced supplements is that minimal processing happens to the fruits, berries, vegetables, and herbs from which organic supplements are isolated.

I have meticulously selected the ingredients that are used in the M&R Essential Supplements range and not only are they the very highest quality that I can source, encapsulated in pure vege caps but they are also free of binders and fillers, commonly found in other brands.

Rachelle xxx