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*  Supports muscle health
*  Provides muscle cramp or spasm relief
*  Helps to increase energy and stamina levels
*  Assists to ease nervous tension, stress and fatigue
*  Supports healthy cardiovascular system
*  Maintains blood vessel and heart health
*  May assist in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism
*  May help in synthesis of DNA and RNA


You want to ease nervous tension... You’re stressed… You want to maintain blood vessel and heart health… Your sleep quality is poor… You get muscle cramps… You’re suffering from muscle pain and/or tight muscles… You want stronger bones… You’re constipated… You sweat a lot or dehydrated… You’re fatigued… You want aid synthesis of DNA and RNA...


We love our Essential Nutrients Pure Magnesium because it is a high potency organic formula that promotes healthy muscles and alleviate muscle cramps, spasms and weakness. Rich in bioactives, it features good absorption so the body can easily absorb and assimilate the nutrients. Essential Nutrients Pure Magnesium raises energy and stamina levels while helping to reduce nervous tension, stress and fatigue helping you power through a busy lifestyle!


An anti-stress mineral, magnesium may support the body in times of fatigue and stress. It stimulates muscle and nerve activity and facilitates the healthy transmission of nerve signals. Magnesium raises energy and stamina levels while helping to reduce nervous tension, stress and fatigue. Finally, it promotes cardiovascular health by maintaining healthy blood vessels and heart functions.

    Essential Nutrients Organic Magnesium features:

    • Excipient free. Formula has nothing added, be it natural or synthetic substances. This ensures that the formulation is high potency and high purity.
    • Vegan & vegetarian friendly. Organic magnesium is supplied in vegetable capsules which makes it suitable for individuals with meat-restricted diets. Also unlike gelation capsules, there are no negative risks to your health, meaning they’re completely safe for consumption.
    • Good absorption. Organic magnesium is readily absorbed and utilised by the body’s cells. It features a higher absorption rate compared to standard magnesium supplements.
    • Easy to swallow capsules. Capsules not too big to facilitate ease of swallowing.
    • Contains bioactive ingredients. Formula is rich in bioactives to ensure the efficacy of its health supporting properties.


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