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     At M&R Essentials we love Anne Batley Burton and the work that she has done in setting up the New Zealand Cat Foundation and the tireless campaigning she does in raising funding to care for cats in need.

    To assist Anne in raising funds we have a very special offer for her followers. We are providing our world famous Certified Organic Argan Oil to her so that anyone who purchases the product and uses the promotional code PUSSYDONATION in the checkout at purchase point, 100% of the retail price of the Argan Oil will be donated to the New Zealand Cat Foundation.

    So What does Argan Oil do you might ask?

    There are many benefits and you can find out all about them here, not least of which is it will make your hair super shiny and super healthy!

    Get on board now and get a fantastic product that you will love and your money is automatically donated, its a WIN/WIN for everyone (especially the pussies)